Kii 0.7 released

published on Jan. 18, 2015, 1 p.m. by eliotberriot | 0

This release introduces kii flavored markdown, a markdown syntax that allow easier interaction with kii objects from inside markdown content.


Using the widely known @ syntax, you can now insert links to other users profiles. @eliotberriot will render to @eliotberriot.

Notes :

  • At the moment, no notification is sent to the mentionned user. This will be the object of a future release.
  • The user profile page is not functional yet.


You can also use the # mark to create links to other kii objects, such as streams and items:

It's not really pretty, to you'll probably want to provide a custom anchor for your link:

Where can I use it ?

In every single piece of markdown content on kii, which include streams description, items and comments content.

What's next ?

While this works, the hash-syntax for items is not so handy, because you have to remember the ID of the targeted item.

To address this and make kii flavored markdown more user friendly, we'll have to work on the markdown editor itself and provide autocompletion.