Kii 0.8 released

published on Jan. 20, 2015, 7:49 p.m. by eliotberriot | 0

Two new features tonight !


It's simple, it's limited to stream and stream items title/content, but it works.

You can use it in the top-bar, as shown in the screenshot below.

Search example

File manager

A new stream item subtype is born : file. You can use it to attach static files (like pictures, text documents, etc.) to your streams.

Note that files inherit from stream and thus benefits from already existing behaviour, such as permissions.

Each file also comes with a dedicated page for viewing file metadata (description, title, publication date...) and a download link. This link points to the raw path of the file, and you can use it to share the file itself on the web, or to include pictures inside markdown content.